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Going the extra mile to get the car and finance you deserve.

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Our panel of lenders ranges from prime lenders to sub prime lenders, even sourcing unsecured car loans if this happens to be the best option for your personal situation. Because of this, we are able to offer you a daily selection of over 100,000 vehicles at any time – available to buy now! For buying used cars in the UK, there’s nowhere better than ChooseMyCar. One of the most popular ways for those with bad credit to gain approval for a car finance deal is through the use of a guarantor. This is only scratching the surface of what we offer here at ChooseMyCar.

Want to find out more? Simply get in touch with us here today. We have these conversations so that you don’t have to, meaning that you spend less time becoming frustrated and confused and have more time to focus on the more important things – all while securing yourself the ideal used car for you!

You couldn’t have come anywhere better for a wide range of used car deals. But it doesn’t actually need to be this way. When it comes to used cars for sale UK-wide, we work with thousands of used car dealerships and have over 100,000 used vehicles for you to purchase at any time – right now in fact!

Simply browse our amazing range today – you can browse by manufacturer, vehicle type, or price range – or simply make a quick search for any specific car right now. We are independent and work for you, not for any finance companies or dealerships. Here at ChooseMyCar, we have an amazing selection of used cars for sale, including those from all the major prominent manufacturers.

Don’t forget to check out our online car finance calculator for a clear picture about what you can or can’t afford too. Our dedicated agents will be around to help guide through every step of the process. Thanks to ChooseMyCar’s specialise bad credit car finance, we’re able to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at driving away in a reliable car that’ll help you to get your life back on track after a CCJ. It’s important to feel confident in your finances and your ability to buy a used car without being overwhelmed by the costs. With a debt management plan in place, it can be incredibly difficult to gain access to new credit agreements, but in certain situations you will be given approval to buy a car if necessary.

Want a used Ford, BMW or Audi? We can find you an excellent deal. But sometimes sorting out the finance for this can be complicated.

Going the extra mile to get the car and finance you deserve.


p> Find & Compare Used Cars For Sale These deals offer flexible low monthly payments and the option to own the car with a balloon payment at the end, making them ideal for all situations. Already know which car you want? We understand this feeling – sometimes you set your sights on the ideal vehicle and don’t want to settle for anything else.

If you’re given this approval, a specialist DMP car finance plan could be the safest way to get yourself a reliable car at an affordable price. When you choose us for your used car purchase, you’ll benefit from a personal service that will negotiate everything from price, home delivery, part exchange, admin fees and more all for you. Our team is dedicated to making sure that you always pay the right price for your car. Vauxhall The fact is that, whether purchasing used or not, buying a car can be a big investment to make.

Our experts are always on hand and will guide you throughout the entire process. You can learn more about guarantor car finance loans over on our dedicated page! Every deal we put together is tailored to the customer, meaning that when you choose ChooseMyCar for used car finance, you know that you are getting a bespoke package that matches your needs. When this happens, we will be on hand to help secure you the right used car finance package for you. As specialists in car finance, we understand that not everyone can have a perfect credit score.

This can make securing a used car more accessible without limiting you when it comes to the types of car that are available. If you’ve had significant problems with credit or debt in the past, it’s possible that you’ve been handed a CCJ. If you need a car but you’re worried about the costs, then searching for used cars for sale with ChooseMyCar is the perfect route for you.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Our dedicated and friendly team are here to help – we will be with you from start to finish of your car buying journey. If that’s the case, you may find it tough to find approval for new credit agreements, which can make finding an affordable car finance deal difficult. Are you struggling to decide on a used car that’s best for you? If so, why not take a look at our guide to the best-used cars under £10,000 in the UK to help you decide.

Being declared bankrupt is one of the biggest financial challenges that you could possibly face, so how will you manage to be able to gain approval for a car finance deal afterwards? At ChooseMyCar, we’re specialists in bad credit car finance, meaning we’re the experts when it comes to helping those in positions such as bankruptcy to get themselves back on the road. With the number of self-employed people in the UK rising each year, it’s no surprise that the demand for self employed car finance has risen with it.

Why? Well, used cars for sale are more affordable and accessible, making it much easier for most people to manage compared to the high monthly installments made on brand new cars. Budget Friendly Bad credit doesn’t mean that you simply can’t buy a car.

We will do the heavy lifting for you. Having an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) can seem like a huge obstacle when it comes to securing new finance agreements of any sort. ChooseMyCar’s two-step credit check, which is a soft check followed by a hard check, protects our lenders and customers throughout the application process.

If you are someone who doesn’t feel confident speaking to dealerships directly or who doesn’t have much experience in buying cars, then our service is absolutely perfect for you. Here at ChooseMyCar, we work with customers who have all different levels of bad credit. We’re here to make sure that you don’t overpay and that you get the support you need – our expert team can be reached seven days a week. Ford Worried about your financial situation potentially getting in the way of finding the right used car finance deal for you?

You couldn’t have come anywhere better. A no deposit car finance deal can prevent you from having to make this initial payment. If you’re not too sure whether you’re looking to keep your car after the credit agreement period, or you’re looking to keep monthly payments relatively low, a PCP car finance deal might be the perfect choice. Want to get your hands on your ideal car while on a finance plan that is manageable and convenient for you? You can apply for used car finance through us today!

The process is quick and simple, and our expert team will be on hand to guide you through. We have a wide range of different options available for this to help you find the kind of used car finance that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have manageable monthly payments to make. New Drivers We are here to help you find a manageable solution – in most cases we will be able to offer zero deposit finance deals that ensures you don’t have to put any significant amount down upfront. To gain access to car finance, you’ll have to pass a credit check – that’s a fact, however, there are methods that those with bad credit can use to stand the best chance of avoiding rejected applications appearing on their credit file.

Family Favourite With that in mind, the team here at ChooseMyCar are experts in helping to deliver suitable and accessible car finance deals for our customers too! We always recommend that people have a look at our finance calculator to get a step ahead in finding the best finance packages for you. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service – we offer full car buying process support and your dedicated personal car buyer will work alongside you to find the perfect used car for your budget and situation. Most car finance deals require some sort of deposit to be made as security upfront. Hyundai There will be no balloon payment to worry about with a hire purchase deal – once you’ve paid off your instalments, the car is yours to keep!

It’s still one of the most popular ways of securing a new vehicle. Nissan In order to provide you with the best deals and the best choice, we work with over 2,500 dealerships across the UK, giving us nationwide coverage and access to some of the best deals on the market. Wondering how your credit score might impact your application for a car finance deal?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our comprehensive guide to credit scores to find out how your credit score impacts your application, what can influence your credit score, and how you might be able to improve your credit score for the future. For IVA car finance that works for you, our team of experts are on hand to assist you throughout every step of the process. We are non-judgemental and are experts in providing bad credit car finance for customers across the UK. Our bad credit car finance packages ensure that we understand your situation and what deals work best for you.

We have a full panel of lenders who will make sure that you get the best used car finance deal for your situation – no matter https://cars45.com/listing/toyota/camry/2016 your personal circumstances. Is there anything worse than finally passing your driving test, only to find yourself struggling to afford a car due to your lack of any credit history? We deal with this all the time here at ChooseMyCar, which is why our car finance for young drivers is built around helping young or inexperienced drivers in securing a used car finance package that works for them.

Need to buy a used car but worried about the mounting costs? We understand these concerns. These deals are, without questions, one of the most popular choices for anyone who’s looking for a pay-monthly car finance deal. Our free service is here to make your life easier and to match you with a used car and finance deal that matches your needs.

While it may seem like it at first, having an IVA doesn’t actually mean that you can’t apply for bad credit car finance. Being self-employed doesn’t mean that you don’t need important access to a car, but unfortunately it can mean that lenders are sometimes reluctant to enter car finance agreements. Here at ChooseMyCar, we will work with you to help you address any eligibility concerns and to secure affordable and manageable car finance.

How exactly does used car finance work? Well, a representative example would be borrowing £6,500 over 48 months to pay for the car with a representative APR of 21.4%, an annual interest rate of 21.4% (Fixed) and a deposit of £0.00 – the amount payable would be £196.24 per month with a total cost of credit of £2,919.52 and a total amount payable of £9,149.52. The ChooseMyCar team consists of experienced professionals with the right expertise and insight to ask the right questions and to negotiate on your behalf. Had your eye on a particular Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz or Vauxhall recently?

We can find you the used car deals that will make it more accessible and manageable for you to get your hands on your ideal car. There’s a good reason that so many people across the UK look for used car deals when searching for a new car. We will look for the best deals from the best dealerships – and we’ll even negotiate on your behalf asking all the right questions and securing the best used car finance possible. Volkswagen Guarantors act as a security net on your credit agreement, offering the lender peace of mind when they’re lending money to people who’ve had financial trouble in the past. Nearly New No matter what the reason for your bad credit, the team here at ChooseMyCar will help you find the right deal.

But paying this sometimes substantial sum isn’t always possible for everyone. ChooseMyCar is a free and personal used car buying service built to fit around you. But how does the process work?

Well, we can speak to dealerships on your behalf, securing deals and negotiating packages that work best for you. In fact, we’ve been doing this for years and have helped customers across the country find UK car finance that suits them. Our commitment is to make the process as simple, easy, quick and personalised as possible for everyone who searches for used car finance through us. Good Looks Finding the right bad credit car finance can be stressful, frustrating and disheartening.

Kia The best part? Our service won’t cost you a thing. Hire purchase car deals, often abbreviated to HP, provide the applicant with a manageable, cost effective way to own a car after a period of time.

We pride ourselves on being a non-judgemental business and will find car finance for people with bad credit, no matter your situation or the reason for your bad credit.

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